Adopting These Project Management Beliefs Could Change Your Organization — and even the World

Project management is not a zero sum game.

The best project managers are always thinking about the business value that their projects add. No business has unlimited funds. Tough decisions have to be made. But when project investments are improving the bottom line, there is more money to fund projects. So the best project managers are looking at how their projects are improving the business.

People are important. Take care of them.

People execute projects. And project leaders understand that people work better when they feel good. Good project managers take the time to nurture the individuals on their teams. They provide safe environments for teams to work. They reduce unnecessary distractions. And yet, they don’t remove all conflict. Some struggle is good.

Spend time creating a shared vision.

The best project managers resist the urge to jump into planning the steps of a project before they have documented the ‘why?’ and developed a commitment to that vision.

Listening doesn’t mean approval.

The best project teams take time for spirited debates. They actively listen to others, including those with opposing views. And, they respect others enough to allow them to speak without interruption. The best project managers ensure that those who speak loudest and most often don’t necessarily win every debate. In healthy debates, good project managers provide the space for the best ideas to rise to the top, like cream.

Diversity is desperately needed.

When everyone on your team thinks alike, how will you create new and interesting solutions to the problems today, and in the future? The best project managers make every effort to build diversity into their teams. At the same time, they seek out the brightest and best.

  • Increased profits, resulting from improvements in team functionality; and
  • Better alignment between project investments and organizational strategy.

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