Which Personal Habits Are Most Important for Your Team’s Success?

Understand your personal goals first

Find a plan for how you work best

Here are the personal habits that I have found are important for team success:

1. Spend some time outside as soon as you wake up

2. Get the sleep you need

3. Create a process for organizing incoming items

4. Have a written plan for your year, quarter, month, week, and day

5. Persistently focus on doing what is most important now

What personal habits will help you deliver results?

  • On a weekly and daily, I ruthlessly review my calendar, eliminating unproductive meetings (No stated objective or agenda? I won’t be there.) and making sure that what is important is on there.
  • Every day, I process every email, and if there is a to-do item in there and I can’t get it done quickly, I note it on my daily task list — perhaps, on a date in the future if it’s not important right now.
  • I only commit to specific deadlines for work that I need to do when needed and those deadlines are firm commitments. My colleagues can count on me to meet the few deadlines I agree to meet.

What happens when someone’s personal habits don’t align with team performance?




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Suzanne S. Davenport

Suzanne S. Davenport


Writes on project management, leadership, team building, and value delivery. Imagining work management in the future. Smartprojex.com