Maybe You Should Keep Your Personal Task List Super Simple

We’re All Different

Here’s How I’m Managing My Personal Task List

My Three Cardinal Rules for My Task List

Questions to Consider When Choosing What Works for You

1 — Do you want to be able to forward emails to an app that generates tasks?

2 — Are you really looking for a project management tool or a task management tool?

3 — Are you trying to segment your task list into categories, such as calls, errands, or delegated items requiring follow-up?

4 — Is it important to you, or someone else, to understand how long an activity will take?

5 — Do you feel the need to block out time on your calendar to work on a specific individual task?

6 — Does your task management system need to align with your billing tool?

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Suzanne S. Davenport

Suzanne S. Davenport

Writes on project management, leadership, team building, and value delivery. Imagining work management in the future.