Everything I Know About Improving Team Flow I Learned in Middle School

  • No one is on their phone.
  • Everyone is engaged and contributing.
  • The energy is high.
  • Progress towards a goal is visible.

Now, here are six suggestions for building team flow, that, while drawn from my experiences in school, are confirmed by the research.

1. There has to be a goal that everyone is excited about.

2. Everyone must commit to the task.

3. It’s highly beneficial when team members’ individual goals are aligned with the team goal.

4. The music can’t be too hard or too easy.

5. A sense of safety must be in evidence.

6. The leaders must be excellent communicators.

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Suzanne S. Davenport

Suzanne S. Davenport


Writes on project management, leadership, team building, and value delivery. Imagining work management in the future. Smartprojex.com